High quality and reliability are key assets in our production process. This results in highly accurate IR-Opflow turbine flowmeters that are widely applicable. The IR-Opflow flowmeters are usable in variety of applications, for example in pharmaceutical, (bio)chemical, food or agricultural industry.

Application flowmeters in (bio)chemical industryPharma and Biotech
In the Pharma and Biotech industry the use of IR-Opflow flowmeters is nowadays on a much greater scale than before. Tube holders and PVDF rotor tubes in particular are being applied more often, particularly in Biotech applications. They have a great range of possible applications including tangential flow filtration, dialysis devices, protein and vaccine production, endoscopy and blood measurement.

Application flowmeters in agricultureAgri- and Horticulture
In the agricultural industry the flowmeters have also a range of possibilities for application. One of the possibilities for example is to use them to dose and quantify crop protection liquids and fertilizers. Due to chemical resistive properties of the IR-Opflow flowmeters, they are widely applicable for these purposes.


Chemical and Engineering
In the chemical and engineering industry the implementation of IR-Opflow flowmeters is possible in different stages of production processes. In production sites flowmeters are usable for fuel control in motoric engines and for metering and monitoring cooling agents in technical equipment. Furthermore the chemical resistance of the material allows for the use of the IR-Opflow flowmeter in controlling component dosage in many different types of chemical fluid preparations.

The IR-Opflow flowmeter can also be utilized in medical applications. The high accuracy of the flowmeters makes them suitable for example to control and monitor dosage of components in medical fluid preparation systems, or in specific medical equipment where accurate fluid monitoring is of key importance such as in the process of hemodialysis.


Application flowmeters in food industryFood and Beverages
In the food and beverages industries the reliable and accurate IR-Opflow flowmeter has applications in fluid component dosage for package filling and in mixing systems.

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