High quality and reliability are key assets in our production process. Therefore we are able to produce highly accurate flowmeters that are widely applicable. We carry out the complete production process from design and moulding to assembling and testing of the end products. As a result we offer 2 types of turbine flowmeters.

IR-Opflow flowmeter

IR-Opflow Flowmeter

The IR-Opflow flowmeter is an infra red based turbine high quality flowmeter with unparalleled accuracy. It contains a patented sensor and is completely resistant to most aggressive chemicals, extremely reliable and measures both very small amounts over long periods and large amounts over short periods with extreme precision. Furthermore we are able to produce any … Continue reading IR-Opflow Flowmeter

Interchangeable cartridge

Interchangeable Cartridge

With interchangeable cartridge customers can easily replace the dynamic housing of the IR-Opflow flowmeter without anytechnical assistance. In addition the assembling of cartridges happens in house and they are subject to thorough testing by our own quality department. Cartridges are available for 3 different flowmeters. Because they are sterilised at high temperature, this makes them … Continue reading Interchangeable Cartridge