Interchangeable Cartridge

With interchangeable cartridge customers can easily replace the dynamic housing of the IR-Opflow flowmeter without anytechnical assistance. In addition the assembling of cartridges happens in house and they are subject to thorough testing by our own quality department. Cartridges are available for 3 different flowmeters. Because they are sterilised at high temperature, this makes them convenient for use in pharmaceutical or medical industries.

All the benefits at one glance:

  • Available for 3 different flowmeter sizes in measuring range between 0.1 and 15 L/min
  • Replacement within a minute, no technical assistance needed
  • Easy to clean, sterilisation possible up to 140 degrees Celsius
  • Chemical corrosion resistant
  • Cartridge increases flowmeter lifetime and reduces service costs
  • Calibration report available on request

Download here the product specifications or request price and delivery details.