IR-Opflow Flowmeter

The IR-Opflow flowmeter is an infra red based turbine high quality flowmeter with unparalleled accuracy. It contains a patented sensor and is completely resistant to most aggressive chemicals, extremely reliable and measures both very small amounts over long periods and large amounts over short periods with extreme precision. Furthermore we are able to produce any IR-Opflow flowmeter customised to customer’s specifications on request. In addition we assemble all the end products in house and they are subject to thorough testing by our own quality department. Together, this final inspection and our worldwide after-sales service form part of the integrated quality assurance within the company. As a result customers can apply the IR-opflow flowmeters in a wide variety of industries, technical centres and medical laboratories. They are suitable for variety of applications.

flowmetersIR-Opflow Filters
IR-Opflow filters are usable in combination with flowmeters type 1 to 3. The filters have a flexible hose fitting and are made of PVDF. Customers can order them together with the flowmeter or separately. For more information please see the product specifications.

All benefits at one glance:

  • Available in six sizes for flow ranges from 0.1 up to 120 L/min
  • All wetted parts are from PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)
  • High accuracy (up to 1% of measured value)
  • Repeatability up to 0.1% of the measured value
  • High resistance to most chemicals and solvents
  • Heat resistant
  • Long service life
  • Options for different connectors and cables to suit with your equipment
  • No flow corrections required (calibration report available on request)

Download here the product specifications of our IR-Opflow flowmeters or request price and delivery details.